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The Four Lenses™ Assessment is a proven personality test which helps organizations, families, and individuals build a solid understanding of the innate talents and potential of themselves and others. This FREE Temperament Assessment is founded on the realization that each individual has unique strengths and motivations.

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Backed by RESEARCH
The Four Lenses assessment was created from the research of the Myers Briggs’ Personality Type Indicator, as well as David Keirsey’s modifications to this instrument in his book, Please Understand Me, combined with 30+ years of our coaching, consulting, and leadership training knowledge. 

We've simplified decades of research create a more enjoyable experience, with longer-lasting application retention. 
Built for YOU
The FREE Four Lenses Assessment is all about helping YOU learn, understand, and apply this new knowledge in your life to improve YOUR personal and professional effectiveness. 

Understanding the different personality types will help you become a more effective spouse, friend, leader, and help you understand how to improve yourself. 

Meet The Four 
Lenses Team!
Meet The Four Lenses Team!
David Graff: CEO, Four Lenses
David has 20+ years of experience in leadership intelligence, management consulting, and personality research, with a passion for designing and implementing organization-wide systems to improve effectiveness and communication. Combined with his organizational design expertise, David evaluates individual and team strengths as well as vulnerabilities using The Four Lenses Assessment. He then provides the tools and methods to help individuals translate their temperament preferences into efficiency models. This methodology has enabled millions of humans a starting point to become a more human individual, family member, team member, or leader. One of David’s key mission elements is to “put the human back into humanity.”

When asked, what is your greatest leadership challenge? David’s’ reply is always, “striving to be the best leader in his greatest role(s) as husband, father, and grandfather.
Paul Muehlmann: President, Shipley Coaching
Paul is an experienced executive with 30+ years of leadership specializing in business development, strategic marketing, and operations. He has led teams across a diverse range of product lines on six continents. Paul is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in Communications and the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota with an MBA.

As President of Shipley Coaching, Paul combines coaching expertise alongside the Four Lenses personality research in order to help individuals and organizations build stronger communication and effective leaders. 
Dawn: Premier Coach, Four Lenses
Dawn Jones is an International Speaker, Certified Coach, Author and presenter of more than 20 published books and audio/video programs including her best-selling book Top 7 Personality Challenges, and programs on Time Management, Supervising People, Conflict Resolution and more. For 20+ years she has empowered over 70,000 people in hundreds of presentations across the world. Whether she is working with Leaders, Project Managers, Administrators or Business Owners ,Dawn is passionate about helping people achieve their goals! 

In her free time Dawn and her husband volunteer and support non-profit groups in America and East Africa where they help people build a hope and a future for the next generation. 

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